Hilary & Landon

Jan 2015

We meet on Hinge and arrange to meet for drinks during a blizzard.

Feb 2015

First Ethiopian dinner, Landon is too nervous to eat.

March 2015

Hilary comes to Brooklyn for the first time and goes to the wrong Italian restaurant!

April 2015

We spend a day at Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Landon picks a flower from a tree, illegally! (And we break Passover by accident)

May 2015

Landon meets Hilary's parents at Quality Italian. It was a last minute invite and he was wearing a sweatshirt to work so he had to run out and buy a new outfit during the day!

July 2015

Landon visits Hilary in D.C. for July 4th. We walk the monuments, eat lots of hamburges and hotdogs, and watch the fireworks on the mall.

July 2015

Hilary visits Landon in NYC, Landon says "I love you" for the first time in the Port Authority Bus Terminal basement as Hilary is leaving.

August 2015

Landon has to leave for SF for work at The RealReal for 2 and a half weeks right when Hilary is back from her internship, Hilary visits!

Sep 2015

First Rosh Hashanah in Syracuse (and Landon's first visit to the dome!)

Sep 2015

Yom Kippur at Long Beach, Hilary meets Landon's family for the first time while fasting. Hilary also meets Koufax for the first time!

Oct 2015

Mets World Series game!

Oct 2015

First Halloween together. Hilary, I love you more than pigs in a blanket!

Jan 2016

New Years Eve in Syracuse. We eat at Rico's, go to the mall, see Christmas lights, and go on a horse ride!

March 2016

We take a spring break to see the Grand Canyon, Sedona, and Arizona Spring Training!

May 2016

Hilary graduates from NYU Law

July 2016

Hilary spends the summer in Syracuse studying for the bar. After she is finished, we take a weekend trip celebrating us both surviving!

Sep 2016

We move to DC for Hilary to start her job at Sidley and we become permanent roommates!

Dec 2016

Spencer is born and we visit him in the hospital, Hilary is an aunt!

March 2017

We get Dougie

April 2017

We go to the Cherry Blossom Festival with Dougie, his first adventure!

April 2017

First Passover together as families

June 2017

Dougie graduates from puppy school!

August 2017

We see our first TOTAL eclipse

Sep 2017

We move back to NYC in the UWS!

Sep 2017

First Rosh Hashanah together as families up in Syracuse!

Oct 2017

Hilary, I "both" you now, forever, and always. Will you marry me? #hilarylandslandon #landonlandshilary